10 Best YouTube Channels for Kindergarten

10 Best You Tube Channels for Kindergarten
YouTube is an awesome resource in the classroom, and it helps keep kids engaged. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the perfect videos to use in the classroom.

Now you don't have to worry! Below is a list of the 10 Best Kindergarten YouTube Channels to get you started!

1) StoryBots: The StoryBots are fun robots that teach concepts through catchy songs. This channel has great videos for letter recognition, emotions, colors, and numbers. The videos are super fun, and kids love them too! My favorite is their ABC Jamboree series.

2) The Singing Walrus:  Your kids will fall in love with these cute educational songs. What I love about them is students can interact through the videos call and response structure. This makes them super engaging for young ones. You must check out their Find the Letter series. They also have great writing videos.

3) Kiboomu Kids Songs: These videos are perfect for celebrating the holidays. They have playful songs for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Easter, and a variety of other holidays. I absolutely adore the cute animation! They have a few videos for reading and math too.

4) Brainzy Game by Education.com: Another set of great classroom songs. The videos are primarily related to math and reading concepts taught in Kindergarten. They have some great videos for tricky math concepts like greater than, less than, and equal to. You should also check out their long vowel raps.

5) The Learning Station: Do your students need a little brain break? Then these videos are perfect for you. There are lots of different songs that will get your kids moving. Take a break today, and let your little ones shake their sillies out!

6) Alphablocks: The Alphablocks have a series of phonics videos. These videos will help your students learn the different sounds the letters make. They are great videos for introducing phonics. The short videos are also awesome for review.

7) ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy: This education website has a Youtube channel! Your students will love their alphabet videos. They are perfect for teaching letter recognition. Make more educational connections with these fun videos.

8) Pancake Manor: There are lots of videos to choose; from brain breaks, math, reading, nursery rhymes, and science. Your students will have lots of fun with Zach, Reggie, and Lulu. Who wouldn't want to learn with these cool puppets?

9) Scratch Garden: These learning songs are perfect for Kindergarten. The videos teach Kindergarten reading and math concepts. I only wish there were more videos! My favorite is the short and long vowels song.

10) Super Simple Songs: With over 150 songs you can definitely find something on this channel. If you are teaching nursery rhymes these videos will come in handy. They have a few math songs too that are awesome. Super simple, and great for learning!

Are there any channels your kids love in your classroom? Did I forget any? Please leave a message in the comments below with your favorite YouTube channels.

Are you looking for even more videos? Checkout my Kindergarten Video Pinterest Board.

Are you looking for fun whole group games to play on your interactive whiteboard? Then, your students will love playing PowerPoint Games. You can also play them on a laptop for added practice. Below is a PowerPoint game that kids love! Checkout Short Vowel Super Kids to practice 120 short vowel words with your students! Short Vowel Super Kids PowerPoint Game

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  1. Great list! 👍 Storybots, Pancake Manor, Super Simple Songs, and ABC Mouse are favorites in my class. I would add Harry Kindergarten and Jack Hartmann to the list. 😊

    • Thanks for adding to the list! I will definitely have to check out Harry Kindergarten and Jack Hartmann on YouTube.

  2. dave and eva is a great site as well. my students always find thesite fun at the end of the lesson .they can sing along and learn from it..check it out

  3. We learn ASL on Patty Shukla Kids TV channel before we go home. (American Sign Language). It’s amazing how quickly they learn.

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