10+ Fantastic Fry Sight Word Activities

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There are more than 10 fantastic Fry sight word activities you can use in your classroom. Teach your students the Fry sight words with these fun activities. There are a variety of activities to meet the needs of your students. Your students will love sight word bowling, stamping sight words, build sight words with blocks, and many more activities. Check out these fantastic ideas below.




1) First 100 High Frequency Words: Practice the first 100 sight words with this fun video. Your students can read the sight words as they watch. This is a great way to review sight words.

2) Fry’s Challenge: Add a Fry Challenge to one of your bulletin boards. Make a fry box with each students name on it. Once students can read 10 sight words a “fry” is added to the box. You can lower the amount required to earn a “fry” depending on how many sight words you learn that year.

3) Build Sight Words: Add sight words to longer building blocks and letters to shorter building blocks. Then, your students use the letters to build the sight word on top of the larger block.

4) Sight Word Bowling: Get some plastic bowling pins and a bowling ball from the store. Attach sight words to the bowling pins. You read a sight word. Then, the student has to try and hit that sight word. This can also be a student lead activity where students work in pairs or small groups.

5) Sight Word Wands: Make wands, then write sight words on the wands. When students are reading they can grab a wand and try to find that sight word in their book.

6) Sight Word of the Day: Display a few sight words near your classroom door. When you leave with your students they read the sight words. Or whenever you enter the classroom with your students they read the sight words.

7) Don’t Break the Ice Sight Word Edition: Turn this game into a fun sight words challenge. Write sight words on the ice blocks. When students play the game they have to read the sight word, then try to hit it free with the mallet.

8) Bus Sight Word Song: Find magnet dry erase buses at the Dollar Tree or make your own.  Next, add sight words to the buses. To practice the sight words sing this song with your students “The word on the bus is…..”. You can change the words weekly too.

9) Sight Word Gems: Have a few flash cards with sight words on them. Students then write the sight word on a dry erase board. After they are done they use the gems to create the word. This teacher found gems at the Dollar Tree.

10) Sight Word Stamp It: Students stamp sight words on a piece of paper. You can find these stamps at Target. You can also make a worksheet where they can practice stamping specific sight words.

11) Sight Word Puzzle: Get a puzzle from the store. Then, make the sight word mat for the puzzle. You can do this by tracing the pieces and adding sight words. You will also need to add the sight word to the back of the puzzle piece. Students then match the sight words together to build the puzzle.

12) Sight Word Bracelets: You will need pipe cleaners and large beads. Write letters on the large beads. Then, students make sight words by connecting the letters to a pipe cleaner.


Are you looking for another great Fry Sight Words activity? Then, check out my most popular resource the Fry Sight Words PowerPoint Game. You can play this game through your interactive whiteboard or on a laptop in small groups. Students have to match the sight words with their game boards. The first team to match all their words wins. Fry Sight Words PowerPoint Game

How do you teach the Fry sight words in your classroom? Are there any you have used or excited to use above? Leave a message in the comments below.

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