10 ways to use your Interactive Whiteboard

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One piece of technology that is becoming popular in classrooms are interactive whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards can motivate students to learn, are fun and highly engaging.  

If you have an interactive whiteboard in your class you may be wondering how to better use it when teaching. Don't worry! Below are 10 ways to use your interactive whiteboard in the classroom! 

10 way to use your Interactive Whiteboard:

1) Signing in.  When students come into class in the morning they can sign in through your interactive whiteboard. Students click on their name if they are in class today. These attendance boards are a fun morning routine for students. They also free up much needed wall space. Download the, Free Star Attendance Board, to get started. 

2) Music in the classroom. Your interactive whiteboard is great for listening to music. Music is perfect to listen to during work time, as brain breaks, and for relaxing at quiet time.  The two websites that are popular among teachers are Spotify and Pandora. These websites have hundreds of songs that are appropriate for young students. Now you can listen to music throughout the day. 

3) YouTube. There are great videos on YouTube that are perfect for learning. These videos can be displayed on your interactive whiteboard. They are awesome for introducing concepts and reviewing tricky concepts.  Check out the, 10 Best YouTube Channels for Kindergarten, to get started.

4) Noise Management. Your interactive whiteboard is great for visual displays. Two websites in particular are perfect for monitoring the noise in the classroom. Bouncy Balls is a website that connects to a microphone. If the students are too noisy the bouncy balls go crazy. The students have to keep the bouncy balls from moving. Too Noisy Lite also monitors classroom noise through your microphone. There is a meter on the screen that goes towards red when the class gets louder. The screen also changes with noise level to alert students. 

5) PowerPoint Games. Interactive PowerPoint games can be played on interactive whiteboards. They are perfect to use as a class reward, when there are a few extra minutes, and during whole group instruction. PowerPoint games also help introduce concepts, and teach key skills. But, the best thing about PowerPoint games is that students absolutely love them. Try out PowerPoint games in your classroom and see how they work for you. You can download the, Free Night Owl Word Problems, to get started or check out other PowerPoint games.

6) Brain Breaks. Go Noodle is an awesome tool for the classroom. The website has brain break videos you can use in your classroom. Access Go Noodle through your interactive whiteboard to play these videos for your students. These videos provide students with much needed movement activities. Now you can get up and move everyday with Go Noodle. 

7) Read Alouds. If you are a teacher you can use Epic for free in your classroom. Epic is an online website that gives you access to thousands of children's books. These books can be displayed on your interactive whiteboard, then you can use them as whole group read alouds. Some of the books are recorded readings and others you will have read to your students.   

8) Anchor Charts. You can display your anchor charts through your interactive whiteboard. Take a picture of you anchor chart, then display them on your whiteboard. This is great if you have limited space to store or hang your anchor charts. You can also use the pen tool to write on the anchor charts and save the notes for future use. If you don't have anchor charts in your classroom don't worry. There are interactive anchor charts designed for interactive whiteboards. Check out the, Short Vowel Interactive Anchor Charts.  

9) Hook it up to an iPad. There are great apps on the iPad that are perfect for the classroom. You can display these apps on your interactive whiteboard by connecting the iPad to a VGA adapter. It is also great if you have classroom management apps you can only access through your iPad.  Watch the video on the post, 10 Terrific Ways to Use One iPad in the Classroom, to learn how to connect your iPad. Note: You will only be able to display the apps. You still have to use the iPad to work the apps.

10) Websites. Do your students have fun websites they access through your classroom computers? During whole group you can have them use these websites on the interactive whiteboard. They are perfect for a fun reward or to work on key math and reading skills. 

Your Turn:
How do you use your interactive whiteboard in your classroom?  Add your answers in the comments below. I would love to hear your tips and tricks. 

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  1. These are all great ideas to use an interactive whiteboard for. I never thought of a couple of them either, like having the students sign in. That would definitely save time trying to take attendance every class.

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