11 Perfect Videos for Teaching Prepositions


Your students will love singing along, and watching these fun preposition videos. There are 11 videos perfect for teaching prepositions. Enjoy singing along to Scratch Garden, and watching the cute animations from the Bazillions. There are a variety of preposition words these videos cover too!



1) The Prepositions Song- Scratch Garden: This is one of my favorite videos to teach prepositions. The song is catchy to sing and the animations are fun. I also like how they review the preposition words at the end of the video.

2) Preposition- The Bazillions:  This awesome sing along has a lot of great prepositions. There are also great examples showing these prepositions. I love the cute animation too.

3) Prepositions Sing Along- TeacherTube:  This is another fun sing along to practice preposition words. I like how the video shows prepositions in action. They also give great examples of prepositions in a sentence.

4) Where is it?- Maple Leaf Learning: This videos asks students a question about where an an animal is compared to an object. It is great for practicing on, in, and under. I like how the video is slower to give students a chance to respond.

5) In, On, Under, Song- Elearnin: This video also asks students a question about where an an animal is compared to an object. It gives students more practice with the words in, on, and under.

6) On, In, Under, By- Maple Leaf Learning: I love how this video includes hand signs to help students practice these four preposition words.

7) In Front Of, Behind, Between- Maple Leaf Learning: This catchy tune will help your students learn the words in front of, behind, and between. There are great examples too.

8) In, On, Under - Busy Beavers: This video practices 5 preposition words. There are many examples for each word which gives students plenty of practice.


9) On, In, Under- Dream English Kids: I love the fun animations in this video. It is a slower song that helps student practice these three words. The hand motions are also great!

10) English Vocabulary- Prepositions: This video is great way to practice reading preposition words. They review 8 preposition words too.

11) Going on a Lion Hunt- The Kiboomers: This fun song is great for a brain break. It also has the prepositions under, over, and through.

Do you need a fun preposition game for your classroom? Your students will love playing this fun interactive PowerPoint game. This game is played through your interactive whiteboard. Your students will practice 15 preposition words!  The Worm is... Preposition PowerPoint Game

Are there any other preposition videos you use in your classroom? Do you have a favorite preposition activity that your students love? Please leave a message in the comments below with your favorites.

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