15+ Back to School Student Gift Ideas


Make the first day of school special by giving your students a fun back to school gift. Need ideas? Below are more than 15 gift ideas for back to school. Plus, each printable tag is free. There are plenty of ideas to choose from. Many are affordable and easy to make too.




1) This year is looking bright! Welcome back to school! Grab some glow sticks for cheap at your local dollar store. Then, include this fun tag for a cute and simple back to school gift.

2) This year is going to rock! All you need are pop rocks and this awesome gift tag for the perfect back to school gift. Who doesn’t love pop rocks?!?

3) I’ve been bubbling with excitement to meet you! Add this gift tag to a bottle of bubbles. Bubbles are a great non food gift for back to school.

4) This Year is gonna be Grape! I love that this gift tag can be used with anything that is grape colored. Use your favorite grape items and give your students a back to school gift that is sure to be grape!

5) Jello! Welcome to Kindergarten. Yes, this back to school gift includes jello! Get individual packs of jello from the store. Then, add this awesome tag to the top. This printable tag includes the grades Pre-K to 3rd.

6) I’m bursting with happiness that you’re in my class this year! Get the starbursts ready for this fun back to school gift. All you have to do is add a few starbursts to a bag and add the gift tag.

7) Hope you have a marvelous and magnificent year!  Grab some small bags of M&Ms from the store. Cut out the printable and attach it to the M&M bags. Another easy cute gift idea.

8) You Rule! Happy Back to School. This teacher used a cd sleeve, added her own trail mix, and included the gift tag. But, you can really use this back to school tag for anything you can think of!

9) You are O-Fish-ally a Kindergartner. Add this gift tag to a bag of Goldfish. The cute saying is perfect for a back to school gift. This one is found at the bottom of her blog post. It also includes grades kindergarten to 3rd grade.

10) I had a kool first day in Big K.  For this gift she uses a Kool-Aid drink pouch and attaches the tag to the front. But, you can use this tag with any Kool-Aid product. The tags include the grades Pre-K to 5th grade.

11) We are going to have a blast this year! This teacher used a finger rocket that she found at the dollar store. She added this cute tag to the rocket. Her students loved these fun toys. If you can’t find these rockets any rockets will work.

12) Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue! And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true! Dream big this year! I love this saying for a back to school gift tag. This gift tag goes well with a small bag of skittles or any other rainbow item.

13) I’m so lucky to have you in my class! She uses this gift for St. Patrick’s day, but I love it as a back to school gift. She adds Lucky Charms to a bag, then attaches the gift tag.

14) We are BERRY excited to see you in Kindergarten!  Get some berry flavored fruit snacks or any other berry item from the store. Then, you have a perfect back to school gift for you students. This printable tag includes grades kindergarten to 6th Grade.

15) I can already see it is going to be a great year! She uses this gift for a teacher, but this fun idea can also be used for students. All you have to do is add this tag to a pair of sunglasses, then give them to your students for a back to school gift.

16) Wel-Gum to kindergarten! Add gum to a small bag and attach this sweet note. You can find gum at your local dollar store. This cheap back to school gift is also easy to make. The gift tags work for grades kindergarten to 4th grade.

Are you looking for another fun way to celebrate the first day of school? Then, pick up this free first day of school sign. Use the sign to take photos of your students first day of school. It makes for a great keepsake and is a hit with parents. Don’t worry the sign is editable and the last day of school is also included! First Day of School Sign

Are there any special back to school activities you do in your classroom? Leave a message in the comments below with your favorite activities.

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