20+ Videos to Practice Short Vowels

videosNeed some videos to help your students learn the short vowel sounds? Then, you are in luck. Below there are more than 20 videos to help your students with this concept. Your students will have a blast while learning short vowel sounds! There are many videos to practice this very important reading skill.




1) Short Vowels Song- Learning Games For Kids: This video has super cute animation that will keep your students engaged while practicing the short vowel sounds.

2) Short Vowels Chant- ELF Kids Videos:  I love how this video includes three letter short vowel words. This is a great way to get students reading. The picture clues are a great help too!

3) Fun and Fast Short Vowel Phonics Song- Super English Kid:  A fun way to practice all of the short vowel sounds. The song changes speed to help students that need practice.

4) The Vowel Song (aeiou)- Maple Leaf Learning: Another short vowels song that includes all of the vowels. This makes this video great for reviewing the vowel sounds.

5) The Reading Machine 1- KidsTV123: A fun machine that creates three letter short vowels words. The pictures are a great clue to help beginning readers.

6) The Reading Machine 2- KidsTV123: Another reading machine to help students practice short vowel cvc words. There are many words that students can practice reading.

7) The CVC Word Song- Harry Kindergarten Music: This catchy song is a great way for students to practice reading short vowel words. The video would be great for students who are already familiar with this concept and are learning to read.

8) A Phonics Chant- Elf Kids Videos: A short video that goes over the short vowel a sound. I love how the video repeats itself too.

9) Letter A Short Vowels- Elf Kids Videos: A simple video that is great for practicing the short vowel a sound. This is a great way to introduce short vowel a.

10) Three Letter Words with A- Maple Leaf Learning: Once students are read to start reading these cvc short vowel a words are great for practicing.

11) E Phonics Chant- Elf Kids Videos: Another great video by Elf Kids Videos. This one helps students with the short vowel e sound.

12) Letter E Short Vowels- Elf Kids Videos: Need help introducing the short vowel e sound? Then, this video is an awesome way to practice this sound.

13) Three Letter Words with E- Maple Leaf Learning: Your students will love learning to read short vowel e words with this fun video.


14) I Phonics Chant- Elf Kids Videos: A great short vowel i phonics chant. The pictures will help your students remember the short vowel i sound.

15) Letter I Short Vowels- Elf Kids Videos: A simple way to introduce the short vowel i sound. Pair it with the video above for added practice.

16) Three Letter I Words- Maple Leaf Learning: Get your students reading three letter short vowel i words with this fun video.

17) O Phonics Chant- Elf Kids Videos: Short vowel o practice can be fun when your students watch this great short vowel o video.

18) Letter O Short Vowels- Elf Kids Videos: Give your students added practice with the short vowel o sound when you watch this simple video.

19) Three Letter Words with O- Maple Leaf Learning: Your students can practice reading short vowel o words when they watch this video. The pictures give great clues to help students read.


20) U Phonics Chant- Elf Kids Videos: Practice the short vowel u sound with yet another great Elf Kids Video. Your students will learn the short vowel u sound in no time!

21) Letter U Short Vowels- Elf Kids Videos: A simple short vowel u video to give your students more practice learning this sound.

22) Three Letter Words with U- Maple Leaf Learning: Reading short vowel u words is way more fun when your students practice with this short vowel u video.

Do your students need more practice with short vowel words? Then, your students will love playing this fun interactive PowerPoint game. You can play this game through your interactive whiteboard or laptop. Your students will practice reading 125 short vowel words with this fun PowerPoint Game!  Short Vowels Word Families PowerPoint Game

Are there any other short vowel videos you use in your classroom? Or do you have a favorite way to practice short vowel sounds? Please leave a message in the comments below with your favorites.

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