8 Great Abe Lincoln Activities

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Your students will have a blast learning about Abraham Lincoln with these 8 great activities below. There are science, math, writing, and social studies activities included. They are perfect for the Kindergarten classroom too!

Enjoy making a stovepipe hat, measure your students height with Abe, and investigate with penny experiments!


1) Are you taller than Abraham Lincoln (math): Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president. Make a life sized replica of Abraham Lincoln. Students can then compare their height to Abraham Lincoln. You can turn this into a math activity by measuring students height, and sorting students from shortest to tallest.

2) Abraham Lincoln Mask (craft):  All you need are popsicle sticks, paper plates, and black construction paper. Students use these materials to create a super simple Lincoln mask.

3) Lincoln's Log House (craft): When Lincoln was a child he lived in a one room log house. Students can create their own log house with this fun craft. Materials needed are popsicle sticks and construction paper.

4) Penny Boat Challenge (stem): Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. Have your students engineer a boat that will hold the most pennies. This challenge suggests using aluminum foil, but students can experiment with different materials too. Your students will have fun with this engineering challenge.

5) Dirty Penny Experiment (science): This is a great science experiment using a penny. Students use a variety of items to try to clean a penny. They make a hypothesis deciding which solution will clean the penny the best. Then, they experiment by testing out each solution.

6) Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat (craft and writing): Abraham Lincoln wore a stovepipe hat. Students use black construction paper to make their own stovepipe hat. You can extend this activity further by explaining to students that Lincoln would carry letters in his hat. Students can then write letters that they can put in their own hats.

7) Abraham Lincoln Log House (snack): Give students a paper plate, pretzels, and frosting. They can make log houses on their plate as a fun snack idea. If you have limited time you can make the snacks yourself, and hand them out for snack time. Also, if you do not want to use frosting you can use peanut butter or a nut free alternative.

8) Abraham Lincoln Unit for Interactive Whiteboards (social studies): Are you looking for a comprehensive social studies unit? View the PowerPoint through your interactive whiteboard for more Abraham Lincoln fun. There are extra printable activities too. This unit includes real photos, anchor charts, easy readers, flashcards, and writing activities.

Are there any other Abraham Lincoln activities you like to do in your classroom? Leave a message in the comments below with your favorite Abraham Lincoln activities.

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