Affiliate Disclosure for Early Core Learning

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Hi, thank you for visiting Early Core Learning. My website is a way for you to get information, and tips to help you on your Teachers Pay Teachers journey. On these posts, you will sometimes be redirected off of my website.

Some of these links, a small portion, will be affiliate links. That means I will be compensated, commission or monetary, if you purchase something through these links. There will be no additional costs to you. This compensation is given to me by the company.


How will I know a link is an affiliate link?
Not every link on my website is an affiliate link. You will know a link is an affiliate link if it says (affiliate link) directly after the link.

If I purchase from an affiliate link do I get charged an extra fee?
No, any compensation is given to me by the company. There is no extra cost to you.

I promise that:
I will give you the best information I can.
I will test, and believe in any affiliate program I am a member of.
I will tell you which links are affiliate links.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Early Core Learning. I hope you find the content I provide useful, and are able to positively impact your TpT journey. I welcome you to this great community.