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Check out more than 15 activities for teaching antonyms. Your students will love learning antonyms with these engaging anchor charts, awesome videos, and fun activities. There are plenty of activities to choose from. Pick the ones you like the best and teach your students all about antonyms!




Anchor Charts:
1) Antonyms 2 words with an OPPOSITE meaning: This antonym anchor chart is super cute. They used ants to show the different antonym words. A great way for students to remember the word antonym.

2) Antonyms are opposite poem anchor chart: A fun acrostic poem anchor chart that teaches students about antonyms. It has some great antonym examples too.

3) Antonyms hot-cold, soft-cold, on-off: A cute but simple antonym anchor chart. There are a few examples, and an explanation of what an antonym is.

4) Antonyms Opposites: A great anchor chart that shows synonym and antonym examples. This is great if you have taught both concepts.

Educational Videos:
5) Opposites Songs for Children – The Learning Station: This super fun song is a great way to teach students about antonyms. I love how the video includes real photos. The song is super catchy too!

6) The Opposites Song – KidsTV123: Another great video with lots of antonym examples. This song is a great way to introduce antonyms to your students.

7) Opposite Words – EnglishSingSing: This video is super fun. I like how they take more time with each example they show.

8) Learn Opposite Words for Kids – Elf Kids Videos:  I absolutely love Elf Kids Videos. This antonym video is great, because it gives antonym examples and uses the words in a sentence too!

9) Opposites Chant – Elf Kids Videos: This Elf Kids Videos is similar to the one above. However, this one includes different antonym examples.

10) Learn Opposites – HooplaKidz: This a fun interactive antonym video. The video give 6 antonym examples, after it asks what the opposite of a specific word is. You click on the picture that is the opposite of the word. This continues until you have successfully matched the words with their opposites.

11) 12 Books About Antonyms: Need some books to help introduce antonyms to your students? Follow the link to find 12 great antonym books.

12) Antonym Feet for Dr. Seuss:  You can read the foot book to your students, then do this fun foot activity. Students walk on an antonym foot trail. They have to match the footprints to the correct antonym words before they can walk.

13) Antonym Word Sort: She places the words antonym and synonym on the board. Then, students have to match the antonym word pairs and synonym word pairs on the correct side of the board.

14) Block Matching Game: This matching game was made to match synonyms. However, you could easily make block matching game for antonyms. Students then have to match the correct antonym words together.

15) Mitten Pairs: She made mittens that had antonyms on them. Then, students have to use a paper clipped string to match the mittens together.

16) Plastic Egg Antonym Match: Plastic eggs work great for an antonym match activity. Write antonym words on each side of the plastic egg, then students have to match the two halves together.

Are you looking for even more great antonym activities? Then, grab these antonym resources that includes task cards and extra activities. Your students will love learning about “Ant”-onyms. Antonym Task Cards and Activities


Are there any antonym activities you love? Which ones above are you excited to use in your classroom? Leave a message in the comments below with your favorites.

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