Best Facebook Groups for Kindergarten Teachers

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Facebook groups are communities where you can share ideas and get advice. There are many groups specifically for Kindergarten teachers. These groups are an awesome way to collaborate with teachers all over the world. Below are a list of my favorite Facebook groups for Kindergarten teachers.




1) Simply Kinder: This group is my all time favorite. There are so many awesome Kindergarten teachers here sharing ideas and giving advice. I love how everyone is super friendly too.

2) Time 4 Kindergarten: This group isn’t as large as Simply Kinder, but there are still lots of great conversations going on. The community is also friendly! Don’t be afraid to share your own ideas too!

3) Kindergarten Teachers Unite: Another large group full of Kindergarten Teachers! Many teachers share ideas or deals they find for teachers. Teachers will also post pictures from their own classrooms.

5) Kindergarten Teachers: This Kindergarten specific group also has a lot of members. I do find lots of ideas here too!

4) First Grade Gab Group: This group is another one of my favorites. There is a lot of discussion taking place daily. I get a ton of ideas. Even though the group is for First Grade many topics being discussed apply to Kindergarten!

6) Primary Teacher Groups: This one is for all primary teachers, but I do occasionally find great ideas. It is also a great place to get advice from teachers in different grades! There are many ideas you can adapt to fit your classroom and students.

7) PreK Teachers: This group is for PreK teachers, but I do find ideas that pertain to Kindergarten Teachers. There are lots of discussions that take place in this group.

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