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Another letter reversal that is common for young students is confusing the letter p with the letter q. The letter p and the letter q look very similar to one another making it confusing for young students. Trying to get over this letter confusion can be tricky, but there are many tricks to help students master these two letters. Below are my favorite ways to help students who struggle with this type of letter reversal.



My favorite tricks for students who struggle with p q reversals.

1) Using their thumbs. Have your students make two thumbs with their hands. Next, they will place their thumbs so they are pointed at the ground. Then, tell them that p comes before q in the alphabet. This means that the first thumb pointed down is the letter p and the second thumb is the letter q. For students who are familiar with alphabetical order this tricks works well.

reversals poster

2) Remembering the letter p poster. Students draw a pencil then a pizza. Pencil and pizza start with the p  sound allowing students to remember this trick. If your students remember letter sounds this trick is perfect.


3) Remembering the letter q poster. Students draw a quarter then a quilt. Quarter and quilt start with the q sound allowing students to remember this trick. Again if your students remember letter sounds, then this trick is perfect.


4) b, d, p, q spinner. Another way for students to remember these tricky letters is having them become very familiar with each letter.  The more practice they have recognizing these letters the less confusing they will be. This works especially well when these confusing letters are practiced together. This b, d, p, q spinner is a great way to do just that. You can go to her blog and create your own spinner for free. The spinner also includes picture clues. b, d, p, q spinner

5) Pirate p q Reversal Game. Playing a fun game with your students is also a great way to learn tricky concepts. You can play this Pirate p q reversal game on an interactive whiteboard or in small groups on a laptop. Students practice finding the letter p or the letter q. If they find the letter a gem appears on the game board. The team to find the last gem gets points. The first team to get 14 points wins! Pirate p q Reversal Game

Your Turn:
What are some of the tricks you use in your classroom? Are there any I missed? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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