10 Classroom Management Secrets (to save your sanity!)

Are you tired of messy desks, loud students, never-ending paper scraps, and unnamed assignments? Don’t worry these 10 classroom management secrets will help save your sanity! Implement some or all of these strategies below and take back control of your classroom. (Listed are a collection of my favorite classroom management tricks tested by teachers)   […]

Share Videos Safely in your Classroom

Are you tired of seeing inappropriate ads during videos you watch in your classroom? Then, you will love the free website Safe Share. With this handy tool you can now make videos appropriate for your classroom.  Below is all of the information you need to start using Safe Share.  Why I like Safe Share: 1) Easy to […]

Epic! Free Reading App for the Classroom

Reading is an important part of any classroom. Giving students access to great books can help them become better readers in the future. But, sometimes it is hard finding the right book for ever student. If you want to give your students a more individualized reading experience, then this awesome reading app, Epic!, is perfect […]

10 ways to use your Interactive Whiteboard

One piece of technology that is becoming popular in classrooms are interactive whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards can motivate students to learn, are fun and highly engaging.   If you have an interactive whiteboard in your class you may be wondering how to better use it when teaching. Don’t worry! Below are 10 ways to use your interactive whiteboard […]

Spotify for the Kindergarten Classroom

Music is great in the classroom. Music helps students relax when they are working, is perfect for brain breaks, and can make transitions easier. There are a few websites that allow you to play music free in the classroom. Have you heard of Spotify? If you haven’t you must try it out.  Spotify is a […]

Organizing YouTube Videos for the Kindergarten Classroom

There are great videos on YouTube you can use in your classroom. The problem is it takes time looking for them, time as a teacher you don’t always have. Don’t worry, I can teach you how to organize your videos. Then, you can spend more time engaging students with awesome content! What is this magical organizer? The answer: Google […]

10 Best YouTube Channels for Kindergarten

10 Best YouTube Channels for Kindergarten

YouTube is an awesome resource in the classroom, and it helps keep kids engaged. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the perfect videos to use in the classroom. Now you don’t have to worry! Below is a list of the 10 Best Kindergarten YouTube Channels to get you started! 1) StoryBots: The […]