10 Super Sight Word Activities (for your kinder classroom)

Learning sight words is a very important part of learning to read. That is why I put together this list of 10 super sight word activities. Try out a few or all of the ideas in your classroom. I am sure your students will have a blast learning sight words with these fun activities. (Listed are a […]

10+ Fantastic Fry Sight Word Activities

There are more than 10 fantastic Fry sight word activities you can use in your classroom. Teach your students the Fry sight words with these fun activities. There are a variety of activities to meet the needs of your students. Your students will love sight word bowling, stamping sight words, build sight words with blocks, and many […]

Storyline Online Free Read Alouds for the Classroom

Listening to reading is an important aspect of learning to read. The more books students are exposed to books the better and more interested they will be in reading. Storyline Online is a great way to add read alouds to your daily routine. The website is free to use too! What is Storyline Online? Storyline Online […]

Best p q Reversal Tips and Tricks

Another letter reversal that is common for young students is confusing the letter p with the letter q. The letter p and the letter q look very similar to one another making it confusing for young students. Trying to get over this letter confusion can be tricky, but there are many tricks to help students master these […]

Antonym Activities

Check out more than 15 activities for teaching antonyms. Your students will love learning antonyms with these engaging anchor charts, awesome videos, and fun activities. There are plenty of activities to choose from. Pick the ones you like the best and teach your students all about antonyms!       Anchor Charts: 1) Antonyms 2 words with an […]

The Best Pumpkin Videos for your Classroom!

It is that time of year again, pumpkin season! Are you going to teach your students about pumpkins this fall? Then, you must check out the best pumpkin videos for your classroom. Your students will love learning about pumpkins with these fun videos. Many of them include real photos too!       1) How […]

15+ Back to School Student Gift Ideas

Make the first day of school special by giving your students a fun back to school gift. Need ideas? Below are more than 15 gift ideas for back to school. Plus, each printable tag is free. There are plenty of ideas to choose from. Many are affordable and easy to make too.       […]