Common Misconceptions About George Washington

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When researching George Washington, for an upcoming unit, I found out a great deal about his life. I was surprised to find that some of the things I had heard were not true. Below are the top misconceptions about George Washington.



1) Did he wear a wig? Wearing wigs was very common at that time. However, George Washington did not wear one. His hair was white because he powdered his hair. Source: Washington's Mysterious Hair

2) Did he have wooden teeth? George Washington was missing his teeth. In fact, when he became president he only had one tooth left. His fake teeth however, were not wooden. They were made out of hippopotamus ivory, human teeth, and metal fasteners. Source: Did George Washington have wooden teeth?

3) Did he chop down a cherry tree? This story is a very popular story told about George Washington. However, this story is not true. It was a fictional account written years after his death. No evidence has ever been found to support this claim. The original story was written by Mason Locke Weems. Source: Cherry Tree Myth

4) Did he live in the White House? When George Washington was president the White House was not built yet. For most of his presidency he lived in the President's House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Source: The President's House in Philadelphia

Do you need a George Washington lesson for your classroom? I have created this lesson to help teachers teach their students about George Washington. The lesson is meant to be viewed on an interactive whiteboard. If you do not have an interactive whiteboard you can still use the lesson by printing the pages provided. George Washington Social Studies Unit

Are there any other misconceptions about George Washington that I left out? Do you have a favorite activity to teach about George Washington? Then, please leave a message in the comments below.

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