Directed Drawing for Kindergarten


Are you looking to add fun art projects to your classroom? Then, your students will love completing directed drawings. Below learn what directed drawings are, why I love them, and learn about my favorite directed drawing videos for kindergarten! Did I mention the videos are free too.




What is a Directed Drawing?
Directed drawings are step by step instructions given to a student to help them complete a picture. When they complete the steps in order they create a picture. Sometimes the teacher gives the directions. Other times it is a recorded tutorial. There are many different directed drawings available allowing students to draw animals, characters, and objects.

Why I love Directed Drawings:
1) Fun for students: Directed drawings are fun for students. They have a chance to show their creative side by drawing fun pictures.
2) Great way to practice following directions: These tutorials go through step by step directions. Students will be required to follow the directions to complete their drawings.
3) Can be tied to their learning: There are many directed drawings that students can complete. You can tie this to their learning by incorporating a writing piece to go along with their drawings.
4) Practices fine motor skills: Students will be challenged to make different shapes and lines. This will allow them to practice using their fine motor skills when drawing.

My Favorite Directed Drawing Videos:
My favorite directed drawing videos for kindergarten are from the YouTube channel Art Hub for Kids. I love how Rob draws the pictures with his kids. There are plenty of videos to choose from too! He draws characters, animals, and even has seasonal drawings. Your students will have a blast drawing with his kids. The instructions are step by step and slow enough for most kids to follow along with. You can even pause the video if you have to. Below is an example of his videos. I definitely recommend you browse his channel to explore all the directed drawings available. The best part is there are new videos uploaded every week.

Your Turn:
Have you created directed drawings in your classroom? How did your students like these types of projects? Are there other directed drawing tutorials you love? Add your answers in the comments below. I hope you and your students enjoy directed drawings as much as I do!

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