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Reading is an important part of any classroom. Giving students access to great books can help them become better readers in the future. But, sometimes it is hard finding the right book for ever student.

If you want to give your students a more individualized reading experience, then this awesome reading app, Epic!, is perfect for your classroom. 

What is Epic!?
Epic! is an app for kids 12 and under to find great books.  Through the app students scroll through an online reading library. It gives students access to a wide variety of books in different genres. Check out the video below to see what Epic! is all about.

8 Reasons I love Epic!

1) Epic! is free for educators: When you sign up as an educator you get free access to great books. There are two options when signing up. Make sure you click on educator.

2) Read aloud option: On selected books there is a read aloud option. This is helpful for students who are learning to read. Students click the play button and listen to the story.

3) Individual student profiles: You can add up to 30 students to your account. The profiles are great on Epic!. When students use their profile they can favorite books, get recommendations, and win awards. As a teacher you can check students profiles to track their reading behavior.  Use their tutorial to help you create student profiles. How to create different profiles for each student.

4) Web, android, and apple versions: The epic app is available on the web, through Google Play, and in the Apple Store. This allows you to use Epic! on a variety of devices. Add it to tablets for hands on reading or play it through your computer for whole group read alouds.

5) Students set their preferences:  Students can select the age range of books they would like to see. They can also select what types of books they are interested in. Epic! will then give students recommendations. This helps students find the books they want to read.

6) Students choose: The app is a great visual tool for students. By scrolling through an easy to use library students can choose the book they want by clicking on the cover. There are many books for students to choose from too.

7) Read books immediately: Once a student clicks a book they can beginning read. They do not have to wait for the book to download. Note: You will need an internet connection.

8) Multiple devices: If you have multiple tablets or computers in the classroom you can add Epic! to them. Download the app on each device, then log in with your account.

Sign up Today:
1) Go to their website here Get Epic!.
2) Fill in your information in the form.
3) Click create account.

Your Turn:
How do you use Epic! in your classroom? What are your favorite books on Epic! that you use as a teacher? Add your answers in the comments below.

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