Group Time Spots

1Need a way to manage students during group time? These group time spots are a great addition to your group time routine. Students simply find their name and sit down on their spot. This works well to keep students in a specific spot, especially if you want different seating arrangements. They can work on carpet using velcro or a tiled floor simply by adding tape.




You will need:
Velcro, Laminator or Contact Paper, and Group Time Spots

Making group time spots:
1) Download the file.
2) Edit the file to include your students names.
3) Print the file.
4) Cut the circles out.
5) Either laminate the circles or add contact paper.
6) Cut the circles out again.
7) If you are on a carpet add a velcro piece to the bottom of the spot.
8) If you are on tiled floor add a piece of tape to the bottom of the spot.

How to use group time spots:
There are two ways that work well when using group time spots as part of your group time routine.
1) Place the spots on the carpet. Then, keep them there until you want to rearrange the names or need to move them. This works well if you are able to keep the spots in the same place indefinitely.
2) Place the spots on the carpet before each group time. Then, after group time, when dismissing students, you can have them pick up their spot and place it back in a basket. This works well if you use your group time area for other teaching activities.

Do you want to use group time spots in your classroom? Then, you can download the group time spots for your classroom. There are a variety of themes available too. Enjoy adding them to your group time routine. Group Time Spots

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