Kindergarten Classroom Tips

As a teacher, you understand the importance of providing your students with high quality education.  In fact, you teach lessons that develop key skills allowing your students’ to blossom in Kindergarten. By giving your students these powerful learning opportunities you positively impact children heading them in the right direction.

Included below are powerful blog posts to help you as a teacher. That way all your students have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to succeed later on in life.

free read alouds

Storyline Online Free Read Alouds for the Classroom

Listening to reading is an important aspect of learning to read. The more books students are exposed to books the better and more interested they will be in reading. Storyline Online is a great way to add read alouds to your daily routine.

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Best p q Reversal Tips and Tricks

Another letter reversal that is common for young students is confusing the letter p with the letter q. The letter p and the letter q look very similar to one another making it confusing for young students.

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15+ Amazing Antonym Activities!

Check out more than 15 activities for teaching antonyms. Your students will love learning antonyms with these engaging anchor charts, awesome videos, and fun activities.

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The Best Pumpkin Videos for your Classroom!

It is that time of year again, pumpkin season! Are you going to teach your students about pumpkins this fall? Then, you must check out the best pumpkin videos for your classroom.

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15+ Back to School Student Gift Ideas

Make the first day of school special by giving your students a fun back to school gift. Need ideas? Included are more than 15 gift ideas for back to school.

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Group Time Spots

Need a way to manage students during group time? These group time spots are a great addition to your group time routine. Students simply find their name and sit down on their spot.

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20+ Videos to Practice Short Vowels

Need some videos to help your students learn the short vowel sounds? Then, you are in luck. Below there are more than 20 videos to help your students with this concept.

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Best Facebook Groups for Kindergarten Teachers

Facebook groups are communities where you can share ideas and get advice. There are many groups specifically for Kindergarten teachers. These groups are an awesome way to collaborate with teachers all over the world.

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Best b d Reversal Tips and Tricks

Many young students mix up the letter b with the letter d. It is understandable especially since the letters are very similar. But, students don't have to have b d confusion anymore.

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Directed Drawing for Kindergarten

Are you looking to add fun art projects to your classroom? Then, your students will love completing directed drawings. Below learn what directed drawings are, why I love them, and learn about my favorite directed drawing videos for kindergarten!

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11 Perfect Videos for Teaching Prepositions 

Your students will love singing along, and watching these fun preposition videos. There are 11 videos perfect for teaching prepositions. Enjoy singing along to Scratch Garden, and watching the cute animations from the Bazillions.

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Common Misconceptions About George Washington 

When researching George Washington, for an upcoming unit, I found out a great deal about his life. I was surprised to find that some of the things I had heard were not true.

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8 Great Abe Lincoln Activities

Your students will have a blast learning about Abraham Lincoln with these 8 great activities. There are science, math, writing, and social studies activities included.

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13 Halloween YouTube Videos for Kindergarten

Halloween is almost here. Do you need some fun videos for your Halloween celebration? You are in luck.

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Share Videos Safely in your Classroom

Are you tired of seeing inappropriate ads during videos you watch in your classroom? Then, you will love the free website Safe Share. With this handy tool you can now make videos appropriate for your classroom.

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PowerPoint Games for the Classroom

Are you looking for a fun way to teach important concepts? Then, PowerPoint games can be a great addition to your classroom. Your students will want to play them again and again!

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Epic! Free Reading App for the Classroom

If you want to give your students a more individualized reading experience, then this awesome reading app, Epic!, is perfect for your classroom. 

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10 ways to use your Interactive Whiteboard

One piece of technology that is becoming popular in classrooms are interactive whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards can motivate students to learn, are fun and highly engaging.

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Spotify for the Kindergarten Classroom

Music is great in the classroom. Music helps students relax when they are working, is perfect for brain breaks, and can make transitions easier. There are a few websites that allow you to play music free in the classroom.

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Organizing YouTube Videos for the Kindergarten

There are great videos on YouTube you can use in your classroom. The problem is it takes time looking for them, time as a teacher you don't always have. Don't worry, I can teach you how to organize your videos. Then, you can spend more time engaging students with awesome content!

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10 Best YouTube Channels for Kindergarten

YouTube is an awesome resource in the classroom, and it helps keep kids engaged. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the perfect videos to use in the classroom.

Now you don't have to worry! Below is a list of the 10 Best Kindergarten YouTube Channels to get you started!
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