Organizing YouTube Videos for the Kindergarten Classroom

Organizing YouTube Videos for the Kindergarten Classroom

There are great videos on YouTube you can use in your classroom. The problem is it takes time looking for them, time as a teacher you don't always have. Don't worry, I can teach you how to organize your videos. Then, you can spend more time engaging students with awesome content!

What is this magical organizer? The answer: Google Drive! Really, you can use Google Drive to organize your videos! 

The Benefits of Using Google Drive to Organize your Videos:

1) Video Stops: The video stops when the it ends. New videos will not start playing.
2) Kid Friendly: The only thing the students see is the video. They won't see any other parts of the YouTube website that may be inappropriate. This gives you more control over what they see.
3) Organize by Topic: You can organize your videos by topic to easier access them. You can create an emotions slideshow, an ABC slideshow, or any others of your choosing.
4) Teacher Friendly: It is easy to use, and takes little time to create. Once you create your first slideshow you won't be able to stop!
5) Creates Great Teaching Resources: After you create a slideshow you can use it forever, if you want to! You don't have to create it ever again. Plus, it is one more thing you can add to your teaching resources.

How to use Google Drive to Organize your Videos:

1) You will need a Gmail account. Don't worry it is easy to set up. Head over to Google Drive to sign in. If you don't have an account you can still head over to Google Drive to create one.  Once you have signed into Google Drive. Click New> Google Slides. This will allow you to create a slideshow presentation. *Remember you will need to be connected to the internet to work on, and access google drive.

Create a new slide presentation.
2) Title the presentation at the top left of the screen where it says untitled presentation. Then, it is time to insert your video. To do this click Insert> Video on the toolbar.

Click Insert> Video
3) You can either search the video in the search box or find the video on YouTube. Once you find the video copy and paste the URL (website link) into the box. When the correct video loads hit the select button.

Copy and Paste Video URL
4) Good job! Your video should now be inserted into your slide. If you click on the video you can make the box bigger by dragging out the corners.

5) Use the above toolbar to "pretty" up the slide. You can add a background color, text to the top of the slide, shapes, etc. I went a little overboard. You can save time by adding less to the slides. You can even make the video big enough to fill up the whole slide if you choose.

  Change Background Add Text Add Shapes

6) Your slide is done! Go to the top left of the toolbar and click the + button to add another slide. Continue until all your chosen videos are inserted.

7) When your slideshow is exactly how you want it, then you are ready to use it in the classroom. View the slideshow by clicking the present button in the top right corner. Then, press play on the video you want to show your students.

Add new slide or start show
8) I would recommend downloading Google Drive to your desktop. The download button is on the bottom left corner of the Google Drive main page. Once it installs all of your presentations will be on your desktop for easier access.

Did you decide to give this a try? If you created a video slideshow for your classroom tell me about it. What types of slideshows did you make? How did it work in the classroom?


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    • That is a great question. If the video is pulled off of YouTube the video will not work. When making your slideshows I would stick with videos from established YouTube channels. There are great channels you can find on YouTube that are perfect for the Kindergarten classroom. Here is a list to get you started: 10 Best YouTube Channels for Kindergarten 🙂

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