PowerPoint Games in the Classroom

powerpoint games

Are you looking for a fun way to teach important concepts? Then, PowerPoint games can be a great addition to your classroom. Your students will want to play them again and again!

Learn more about PowerPoint games below.  Then, you can start using them in your classroom.

Why I like PowerPoint Games:
1) Motivating for students: PowerPoint games are fun for students. Your students will love challenging their classmates and teacher (you) to a game.
2) Teaches key concepts: The games are aligned to the curriculum taught in the classroom. This means that your students are learning when they are playing.
3) Incorporates technology in the classroom: Technology has become a big part of the classroom. PowerPoint games provide an opportunity for your students to engage with technology.
4) Provides further practice: When your students are learning a new skill these games provide them with extra practice. It also allows you to see how your students are learning and help them when needed.
5) Great visual tool: PowerPoint games are great for your visual learners. Especially younger students who benefit from visual instruction.

What is a PowerPoint Game?
A PowerPoint Game is a game made using PowerPoint. These games focus on key skills taught in classrooms. They can be played on devices that run PowerPoint. Below is an example of the game, Alligator Al Comparing #'s.


alligator al
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Slide64   Slide65
Slide66   Slide67

How to use PowerPoint Games:

On Interactive Whiteboards 
Whole Group:
The most common way to use PowerPoint games are on an Interactive Whiteboard. This makes them great for whole group instruction. Open the PowerPoint file on your computer, then run it on your Interactive Whiteboard. The game is played in teams, teacher vs. student, or student vs. student. They can also be played as a class. Have students or teams take turns finding the correct answers. This is a great way to introduce tricky concepts and figure out what your students need help with. It is also a great break for many students.

On Laptops
Teacher Lead Small Groups:
Don't have an Interactive Whiteboard? No problem. Open the game through your computer. In small groups you can challenge your students to a PowerPoint game.  This provides your students with more practice. If you have groups working on different skills, then you can play different PowerPoint games depending on the needs of that group.  

But, I don't have PowerPoint on my computer?
If you don't have PowerPoint on your computer you may still be able to play the PowerPoint games. Download the, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, then open the game using the PowerPoint Viewer.

Where can I find PowerPoint Games?
PowerPoint Games can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can search to find games that may be of interest to you. Or you can check out my store, Early Core Learning, to find a variety of PowerPoint Games for Pre K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade.

Free PowerPoint Game:
Here is a free PowerPoint game, Short Vowel Word Families,  you can try in your classroom. Then you can see how they work, and make sure they are compatible with your device.


Your Turn:
Have you used PowerPoint Games in your classroom? If you have how did your students like them? How did you use them in your classroom? Add your answers in the comments below. I hope you and your students enjoy playing PowerPoint games.

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