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Are you tired of seeing inappropriate ads during videos you watch in your classroom? Then, you will love the free website Safe Share. With this handy tool you can now make videos appropriate for your classroom. 

Below is all of the information you need to start using Safe Share. 

Why I like Safe Share:
1) Easy to use: Safe share is very user friendly. You copy and paste the YouTube link into the toolbar. Then, hit enter to create the safe link.
2) Links never expire: The website guarantees that your links will never expire. You don't have to worry about your link not working when you need it. 
3) No ads and buttons: The online tool removes the ads from the videos. It also removes any buttons that pop up when you watch the video. That means links can not be pushed if students are independently viewing videos. (The YouTube button on the bottom right will still be clickable)
4) You can clip videos: If you don't want to watch a full video you can specify where you want the beginning and ending. This is great if you have long videos you want to shorten. 
5) Movie stops: The movie stops after it is over. No other related videos play. This gives you more control over what your students see.
6) You can use the link to make qr codes: These videos are great for making qr codes, because they are safer for students to view. If you use qr codes in your classroom you can add these videos to your centers.  

How to use Safe Share:
1) Before you begin make sure you can use Safe Share in your classroom. Your school may have filters put in place that block the website. 

2) Go to Safe Share to get started. 


3) Find the url (links) of the YouTube video you want to make safe.


4) Put the link in the Safe Share tool. Then, hit enter.


5) Click take me to the safe view to see the safe video. 


6) Or click the customize video option to customize your video.


a) Click full where it says Play length to clip the video


b) Click on the video to choose the beginning. Then, click the word beginning where it says Play clip from.


c) Click on the video to choose the ending. Then, click the word ending where it says Play clip till.


d) You can edit the background theme by clicking the video theme box.


e) Click OK to make the customized changes to your video.


6) Click take me to the safe view to see the video.


7) Save the link in a document. That way you can easily access your videos when teaching.


Your Turn:
Safe Share is a great tool to use with videos that have ads. Try Safe Share in your classroom. How did you like it? Add your responses to the comments below.

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