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Listening to reading is an important aspect of learning to read. The more books students are exposed to books the better and more interested they will be in reading. Storyline Online is a great way to add read alouds to your daily routine. The website is free to use too!

What is Storyline Online?
Storyline Online is a website that has free read alouds for your classroom. They feature great books like A Bad Case of the Stripes, The Kissing Hand, and The Rainbow Fish. You can use Storyline Online in your classroom by playing it through your interactive whiteboard, projector, laptops, or even tablets.

5 Ways to use Storyline Online in Your Classroom

1) Brain Break: Read alouds are a great brain break option. Pick a story from Storyline Online to give your students a quick 15 minute brain break throughout the day. The read alouds are educational too!

2) Free Choice: If you have free choice in your classroom you can add Storyline Online as an option. Students can choose to listen to a read aloud for their choice time.

3) Reading Center: Set up Storyline Online as a reading center during your literacy time. This also work great if you use Daily 5 in your classroom. They can listen to reading through the website. 

4) Early Finishers: For students who finish their work early you can have a read aloud station set up using Storyline Online. They can listen to a story while they wait for other students to finish their work.

5) Dismissal Time:  The end of the day, when students are getting ready to go home, can be a busy and stressful time in your classroom. Play a read aloud from Storyline Online that students can listen to during this time. Students who are finished packing up can sit down with their class to listen to a read aloud. It is a great calm activity for the end of the day.

If you are looking for more kindergarten read alouds visit my Pinterest board.  There are over 100 read alouds you can use in your classroom. The board is growing too! Kindergarten Read Alouds

Are your students working on building their reading stamina? These reading stamina anchor charts are a great place to start. You can track the minutes your class reads on the chart too. View it on your interactive whiteboard and help build your students reading stamina! Reading Stamina Anchor Charts

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