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Now, it is time for you to create your Teachers Pay Teachers resource. You will want your resource to be engaging and motivating for students, easy to use, and helpful for teachers. 

In this post you will learn how to create a resource page using PowerPoint. You will also learn what to include on resource pages. 

Setting up Your PowerPoint Document:

Before you create a resource in PowerPoint you will need to change the dimensions of the page. By default PowerPoint makes pages 10 x 7.5, for on screen viewing. This page setup is smaller than a full sheet of letter sized paper.  If you keep PowerPoint's auto page setup your resources will print with a large white border. You will have to correct the size to allow your resource to print full page.
Landscape Page:
1) Open a new PowerPoint presentation.
2) Click file> page setup.
3) Set the page setup to 11 inches wide x 8.5 inches high.
Your resource page will now be wider than it is tall.
4) Start creating your resource.
5) Save your file as a presentation.
Portrait Page:
1) Open a new PowerPoint presentation.
2) Click file> page setup.
3) Set the page setup to 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches high.
Your resource page will now be taller than it is wide.
4) Start creating your resource.
5) Save your file as a presentation.

How to Create a Resource Page:


How to Create a Resource Page:
Picking a great font is important. Before you pick one you will want to think about the grade your resource is for. For younger grades a clear easy to read font is important. You will also want to look at the way letters are formed. Make sure the letters are formed the way students usually see them. I typically use one font type on a page to keep the resource consistent and easy to read. 
2. Borders:
Borders are great to help spruce up your resource. It also helps organize worksheets making them easier to read and complete.  The border above was made using the PowerPoint rectangular shape feature. The border thickness is set to 3 points. You can also find great borders on Teachers Pay Teachers. However, keep in mind the thickness of your border. The thicker the border the more ink it will take to print. For ink friendly printing use thinner borders.
3. Clip Art:
Great clip art is important to help make your resources stand out. It allows you to be creative with your resources. For student worksheets I use black and white clip art for printing purposes. For task cards, posters, and games I use color clip art because they will be printed once, then used again and again. When purchasing clip art you will want to make sure the clip art includes both black and white and color versions. 
4. Copyright:
You will want to add your copyright to every page of your resource. Include the copyright symbol, your store name, and year you created the resource. I like to put my copyright on the bottom right corner using a 10 point font. 

Other Tips and Tricks:

It is a good idea to have themed resources in your store. Themed resources are resources that are made for holidays or seasons. For example, you create winter resources with snowmen, mittens, or penguins for winter. Remember to work on themed products a few months before the specific holiday or season. Themed resources are popular on Teachers pay Teachers.

Also create year round resources. Year round resources are resources that can be used any time of the year. For example, you create a place value resource with a non specific theme. These types of resources are important because they can continue to sell throughout the year. I like to create a variety of themed and year round resources for my store.
When making resources keep your target audience in mind. This target audience will usually fall within a specific grade range. Make sure your resources are specific to that grade. You want buyers to come back to your store to find more great resources. If you stay within a grade range there is a better chance they will find something else they can use. 

Your Turn:
Start creating pages for your resource.  This is your time to be creative. What are skills that are difficult to teach in your classroom? What activities do your students love? Feel free to leave a link to your product below. I would love to see what you have created. If you have any other great tips or questions I would also love to hear from you.

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