Tools Used to Create Resources


Now you are ready to start creating your resources. But, what tools will you need to create quality resources for Teachers Pay Teachers?

Below is a list of programs I use for to create my resources, an explanation of what I use each program for, and a few free downloadable programs. Once you have these programs you can start making your resources for Teachers Pay Teachers.


Programs you will need
1) PowerPoint or Keynote
2) Acrobat Reader and Cute PDF Writer
or Acrobat Adobe Pro
3) Gimp (optional)

What is each program used for?
PowerPoint is where you will be creating your resources. When I first started creating I used Microsoft Word. After I switched to PowerPoint it was 10 times easier for me to create resources. PowerPoint is a very useful tool. I create everything from cover pages, credit pages, terms of use pages, resource pages, social media photos, and blog photos using this program. PowerPoint is also easy to use. In no time, you will get used to the program, and be able to create quality resources efficiently.
If you have a Mac computer you may not have PowerPoint installed. That means you will have to buy PowerPoint. But, did you know that you can also use Keynote to make your Teachers Pay Teachers Resources? This is a great option if you already have Keynote installed on your computer. Note: My how to’s show you how to create resources using PowerPoint, but the information you learn can help you create resources on Keynote.
Cute PDF Writer:
After you create a resource on PowerPoint you will need to convert it to a PDF. If you do not have Acrobat Adobe Pro or equivalent, you will need to use Cute PDF Writer. You will also need to flatten the images before you convert the resource to a PDF. But, don’t worry I will explain all of this in another blog post.
Free Cute PDF Writer.
Acrobat Reader:
If you don’t have Acrobat Pro you will need Acrobat Reader. Before uploading resources to TpT you will want to make sure your PDFs are correct. You will need Acrobat Reader to open your PDF files to review them.  It is also great to do test prints of your PDFs to make sure they print correctly. You will use Acrobat Reader to print your resources. Free Acrobat Reader.
Acrobat Pro:
If you already have Acrobat Pro you won’t need to download Cute PDF Writer or Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Pro will also allows you to flatten your PDFs quicker. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to create resources. If you don’t have Acrobat Pro or a similar version, you can purchase the program. However, it can be expensive. If you don’t want to purchase the program, then you can download the free programs above.
Gimp (Optional):
Gimp is a free program similar to Photoshop. I occasionally use the program when I create resources for Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are comfortable with the program you can also use it to make your own clip art. You do not need this program, but you may find it useful. Free Gimp.

Now that you have the tools needed to create resources you can get started. Need more help? You can read the next series of posts to learn how to create resources. Are there any different tools you use? Or do you have any other questions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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